CURRENT RELEASE v2.2.35 - update December  2021

Requires; Win98/win2k/XP/Vista[32/64], Windows7[32/64], Windows8, or
Windows10 and at least DX8.

Please note: when updating Risen3D any analysis files that were previously
generated may be rebuilt.

New users should be aware that nodes and analysis file building with large
maps can take some time. This only happens when first run as any node file
that takes more than one second to build or analysis file that takes more than
three are stored allowing the start-up delay when next run to be minimised.

Although several options will be shown for window sizing within the in game
Control Panel/Video menu it is best to run in Fullscreen mode and to use, if the
monitor is not a crt type, the monitor's default resolution (which should also be
the desktop resolution).


1) Do not tick ‘Run this program as an administrator’ in properties else a
'User Account' window will be spawned each time R3D is started. Some
legacy programs require this setting to be ticked in order to run, R3D does not.

2) R3D is developed on a machine with modest hardware but it has been noticed that
on later/faster machines using Win10 that flashing can occur when running in
windowed mode. Most games today do not offer this as an option and only run in
fullscreen mode. It would seem that video drivers are optimised for fullscreen mode
as no flashing occurs using this. As such it is best to run R3D in the default fullscreen
mode where using Win10.

Due to significant changes that have had to be made previous savegames
are no longer supported.

All Risen3D scripted maps have been revised for use with v35 and a new map
which uses changes in v35, Doomsday Rocket, has been added.

As such we would advise existing users of v34 or lower that a new, clean install
is undertaken by;

1) Renaming your existing Risen3D folder to, say, Risen3Dold.
2) Installing the new version.
3) Moving the risen3D.cfg file from Risen3Dold to Risen3D.
4) Moving the existing R3DGames folder from Risen3Dold to the new Risen3D folder.
5) Reinstalling all model packs from our site.
6) If wanted download and install scripted games as required.
7) Hawkwind's addon pack can now be installed.
8) Run the newly installed Launcher and delete all savegames.
9) Delete the Risen3Dold folder.

Changes over v220-34 ...

  1. GL4 nodes, built using r3dglbsp, is now supported by internal side unpacking code.
    The advantage is that where, previously, GL5 nodes were used it is now possible to
    unpack sides without affecting the internal analysis code or proprietary 3D side definitions.
    This allows maps like Intercep2 map28 or Remnant map01 to have glow and analysis
    applied which was previously unsupported with GL5 nodes.
    Note that this has nothing to do with the nodes shipped with a wad as these are ignored and
    are rebuilt internally. In practice Risen3Donly needs the THINGS, LINEDEFS, SIDEDEFS,
    BLOCKMAP lumps are ignored.
  2. Hangs caused by zero length lines in maps with packed sidedefs fixed. This is rare to find
    and should not happen but with some map editors does happen. Although previously checked
    for with standard map definitions, where it is more common, with packed sides this fault could
    fly under the radar.
  3. Various fixes have been made including adding MBF support for the original beta states.
    This means that wads, both old and new, that were previously unsupported can now be run.
     E.g: STRAIN (1997), DOTB_RC3.WAD, (2018) Eviternity.wad (2019).
  4. Heightsec errors fixed. E.g. Criticality wad can now be run without rendering errors.
  5. Wall scrolling bug fixed with some maps fixed (e.g. PC_CP map31) and sky scrolling is now
    better supported (both vertically and horizontally). Maps such as Adonis_RC3 map31 are now
    rendered correctly.
  6. Special 38 (which calls EV_DoFloor with lowerFloorToLowest) had no effect if the sector was
    already at the lowest floor. In this case the highest floor surrounding needs to be substituted and
    now is. An example exists in bge2.wad E2M7 with line 894 that is tagged to S184.
  7. Fix added to prevent archvile fire attacking where unsighted but in the same sector.
    (E.g. Cchest3 map05).
  8. Elevator fix made (e.g. Cchest3 map24 with sector 51).
  9. Channels are now set to 64 or 128. 128 should be used but 64 is allowed if there is a problem with
     early sound cards. None, however, have been found that require this.
  10. Fault causing 3D sound to occasionally 'screech' fixed.
    NOTE: to enable 3D sound please see R3D_Docs\Help\R3D_Sound.txt.
  11. 5.1 (3D) surround sound now plays correctly.
  12. In model mode gun smoke can now be selected.
  13. SKEL missile puffs now correctly drawn including smoke trails both in standard doom and with CFX
    models. The two types of trail, depending on whether they are homing, are also made more obvious.
  14. Problem fixed where Vsync with some Intel chips had to be set manually in the Control Panel after
    starting Risen3D despite having been previously set and stored in the cfg file.
  15. State sequence error corrected with the punch states. This now means the punch looks smoother.
  16. The internal control panel UI has been tidied up with settings either shown or, where applcable, not
    shown in line with the settings chosen in the launcher or imposed by scripted maps.
  17. Scripted map support has been extended by doubling the available range of scripted map spots
    and the addition of further scripted keywords.
  18. There are also many other changes made to deal with doom effects. A good example of one is with
    Valve/Valiant.wad map28 with its rather attractive platforms composed of lines rising from floors.
  19. Risen3D cannot render two different skies simultaneously but code has been added to allow better
    rendering where sky changes are used when only one is visible such as with Valve/Valiant.wad map31.

CURRENT RELEASE v2.2.34 - update November  2018

This is just v33 with a couple of changes to satisfy the requirements of the game map Last Warrior.

Changes over v220-33 ...


  1. Scripted map lines type 8113 when crossed by the player wake monsters up but previously
    firing at them would do the same. This has now been suppressed.
  2. No infighting has been extended with scripted maps to stop any infighting between enemy types
    defined in a list.


RELEASE v2.2.33 - update July  2018

Requires; Win98/win2k/XP/Vista[32/64], Windows7[32/64], Windows8 or Windows10
 and at least DX8.

Please note: when updating Risen3D any analysis files that were previously generated
 may be rebuilt.

New users should be aware that nodes and analysis file building with large maps can take
some time. This only happens when first run as any node file that takes more than one second
to build or analysis file that takes more than three are stored allowing the start-up delay when
next run to be minimised.

Although several options will be shown for window sizing within the in game
Control Panel/Video menu it is best to run in Fullscreen mode and to use, if the monitor is not
a crt type, the monitor's default resolution (which should also be the desktop resolution).

General notes;

  1. Do not tick ‘Run this program as an administrator’ in properties else a 'User Account' window will
    be spawned each time R3D is started. Some legacy programs require this setting to be ticked in
     order to run, R3D does not.
  2. v220-33 is backward savegame compatible with v220-32 but any savegames made with v220-33
    made with v220-33 cannot be run with previous versions.
  3. R3D is developed on a machine with modest hardware but it has been noticed that on later/faster
    machines using Win10 that flashing can occur when running in windowed mode. Most games
    today do not offer this as an option and only run in fullscreen mode. It would seem that video
    drivers are optimised for fullscreen mode as no flashing occurs using this. As such it is best to
    run R3D in the default fullscreen mode where using Win10.

Changes over v220-32 ...

Bug fixes and issues;

  1. Texture offsets fixed (affected, in particular but not uniquely, hc20.wad).
  2. Texture clamping with lores Doom textures extended to get rid of artefacts at the edges  of textures
    (e.g. the STOP signs in hc20 map02).
  3. Texture clamping that could cause a black line along the top of a masked texture fixed
    (e.g. with FIREBLU1 in Roger Ritenour's wad Earth map01).
  4. Textures in fake sectors that should not be drawn fixed.
  5. Textures in fake sectors that should be drawn, but were not, fixed. (e.g. with the cages in Sunlust map31).
  6. Fake sectors that have the the same floor and ceiling heights of tagged sectors are not ignored as
     these may have been added to apply a filter (e.g. COD map03).
  7. Rare cases where glow can cause ugly rendering problems (such as with PAR map06 Sector 900) are
    now dealt with using an external definition.
  8. Unwanted drawing of mid textures with a heightless backsector fixed.
  9. Rare analysis bug that could cause an error tracked down and fixed.
  10. Rare run time bug that could cause an error tracked down and fixed.
  11. Issue where hires textures were being applied even though the no hires boxes were not ticked resolved.
  12. Rendering issue when starting in a fake sector until moving fixed (e.g. Herian2 map27).
  13. Dyn lights being turned off when loading a savegame fixed.
  14. Lighting of player weapon models revised as these were not having any additional light added if the sector
    lighting was over 140.
  15. Bug in easy mode fixed where, if player could attain a health level of 1 then he/she became immortal!
  16. Bullet puffs were not always drawn on 3D floors when firing at certain angles and line of sight blocking could
    previously fail (although an enemy's shot would be blocked). This has been fixed.
  17. Line of sight blocking with 3D swing/sliding doors was, previously, not sufficiently reliable.
  18. Strange sprite joggling behaviour fixed where the viewing direction was at exactly 0 or 180 degrees.
  19. Development error that caused an exit with cchest2 map29 fixed.
  20. Bug that crept in at some point that treated something as solid when it should not have done. An example
    was with the dehacked Things rendering as'rain' in Elysion.wad meaning the player was blocked when it
    should not have been.
  21. When using -dehdebug the wrong sound lump name was being displayed. R3D now reformats DEHACKED
    scripts before sending it to the inbuilt reader. Should -dehdebug be used then the reformatted file is printed
    to Risen3D.out so that errors can be easily tracked back to the reported line numbers. Note that R3D only
    has partial support for DEHACKED. A good text editing program exists which can be freely downloaded called
    Programmers File Editor where line numbers can be displayed next to each line if required.
  22. If spawning a file on exit then Risen3D previously remained active until the file was closed. This has now been
    fixed. Despite this DeeP still thinks R3D is active if the file is not closed and throws a wobbler. Be warned.



  1. CAPS LOCK can now be bound to an event. By default it is used to toggle run/walk. The key can be changed
    or just removed if not wanted using the doom controls panel 4. Note: to remove a key just press ENTER and
    then press the same key that is already shown as bound. This will then delete it. If no key is shown against an
    action then that action will never be called. The ability to set RUN on or off remains in the gameplay panel.
    This may be useful where CAPS LOCK is bound to toggle this if you want to sync it so that run mode is on if
    the CAPS LOCK led is lit for example. Alternatively the gameplay option remains essential if no binding is set.
  2. Water translucency and hi-res textures can now be applied in basic doom mode to aid those with slower PC's
    that find BDM helps with frame speeds to not have to forego these.
  3. Although reverb (3D sound) could only be enabled if using a Creative soundcard from the Audigy2 on and where
    installing Creative's surrogate dsound.dll in the Risen3D\bin folder it now transpires that this can be used with
    some non-Creative sound chips. See;

      It has been found, however, that strange sound breakup can occur if   going into pause mode or if the player
      teleports in a map. This can be fixed by putting -rtekcm on the global command line.


UI Control Panel changes;

  1. Frame cap rate that can be selected increased to 333 fps. (User request). The values are what they are as they are
    determined by a counter that is accurate to 1ms. Thus 333, for example, is 1000/3. Note that higher values can only
    be attained with simple maps as the game, with 333fps set for example, has just 3 mS to scan all thinkers and then
    render a frame (amongst other functions).
  2. Zbias can be changed to better suit types of graphics card used. This is needed when applying glow or dyn lights.
    See R3D_TroubleShoot.txt in the help folder. To suit all maps that may be encountered then the default of .00100
    should be fine. To help with this then masked textures with unseemly numbers of high rows of transparent pixels now
    have these trimmed. A software renderer does not care but these are all registered with an OGL renderer as lights
    or other textures in general (but not in doom ports) may need to be drawn on these areas of the texture. In a doom
    port then these pixels are not wanted, take up valuable fast graphics memory and are generally a first class nuisance.
    One texture encountered had only 6 rows of visible pixels, all contiguous, in a texture comprising 128 rows.
    Madness - one wonders how some of these texture creation tools are designed. The previous zbias applied was
    .00220 and this has been retained as the upper limit of adjustment. It is by dealing with unwanted rows of transparent
    pixels and some other small changes that it has now been possible to reduce this to .00100
  3. Glow can be turned off for blood, slime and water to satisfy purists who consider only nukage and lava should glow.
  4. Turning an option OFF now masks any related sub-options.

Function updates;

  1. Edit mode can now be used to edit texture x,y offsets with R3D slopes and 3D structures. In addition if -lean is put on
    the global command line then the map will be saved with empty SEGS, SSECTORS, NODES, REJECT and BLOCKMAP
    lumps although the labels are retained. In addition all GL_ lumps together with their labels are removed. None of
    these are needed by Risen3D so this can reduce the size of a wad substantially for distribution purposes. The labels
    retained also allow a map to be loaded using a standard editor as they also do not need the information stored in these
    lumps but generally complain if the labels are missing. Should the empty lump labels also be removed then Risen3D
    will still load the wad however.
  2. Slope functionality has now been extended. This is described more in SlopesTest.txt which will be found in R3DTEST
    along with the Slopes Test.wad where examples of the extended functionality can be seen.
  3. Planes now block sight which fixes odd behaviour in Requiem map31 (in all ports as is caused by creative map design
    beyond what Doom can normally accommodate) where approaching the drop down area caused an unseen enemy
    in S23 to fire on the player. Missiles can also be used from the lower level (with the teleport) when firing at Things in S23.
    Previously only bullets could be used which appeared as somewhat odd given the secret area has a plasma gun. This
    change applies to all maps with concealing planes but does not affect floating enemies as maps are often designed to
    make these appear through false floors or ceilings. This only works if enemies in concealed sectors are all marked DEAF
    (as is already the case in Requiem map31 and usually is in other maps).
  4. Masked flats used with 3D floors can now be scaled and offset independently in the x and y directions allowing them to
    be adjusted to fit. Two examples can be found in the updated R3Ddemo184_06.wad on the bridge leading from the lift
    tower to the upper door and on the bridge in the arena with a dome. How this can be done is described in the
    R3D_Structures.txt. For those who complained about no exit being provided (the object was to demo what can be done
    with 3D lines and flats rather than provide a playable game) then running with monsters enabled and killing the
    CyberDemon will terminate the map.
  5. 3D ladder line functionality has been substantially improved. The player now cannot pass through lines or ceilings when
    on a ladder that would be expected to block movement. See R3DLadderTest.wad in the usual R3DTEST folder.

Scripted keywords added;

  1. DAMAGEFACTOR_TO_PLAYER - allows damage modification to player by an enemy based on its ID rather than its type.
  2. JUMPKILL - allows a small enemy to be killed by jumping or stepping down onto it.
  3. OCCLUDEWITHSECTORS - allows lines in a sector or sectors to have occlusion applied which is useful with rooms having
    model roofs where the walls do not extend to the ceiling.
  4. PISTOLHEADDAMAGE - allows an enemy (via its ID) to be killed with a single shot, between specified limits, using the pistol.
    Useful if wanting, for example, a head shot to kill an enemy. It also makes for the pistol being a more useful weapon rather
    than just being abandoned once another weapon has been gained.

Further information for use can be found in SCP_DEFN_Header.txt in the R3D_Docs\Editing\ folder.


  1. Some R3D_xx files have been updated to deal with a few issues found in a handful of maps spread across various wads.
  2. Missing textures in fake water sectors when translucency is applied that should be drawn but were not are now dealt with
    (where authors had not defined a texture through any not normally being seen e.g. with Herian2 map27 or Epic map02).
  3. Support for COD sector specials 18, 19 and line specials 274 and 275 have been added. These can be used generally
    and are listed at the end of Risen3D\R3D_Docs\Editing\R3D_Types.txt.


If using Win10 and mouse lag or messages getting cropped at the top of the window is a problem then look in R3D_TroubleShoot.txt
to seehow these problems can be fixed.


On installing the update the original test map R3Ddemo184_06.wad will be updated to demo the new scale and offset feature used with
masked flats. A new R3DSlopesTest.wad will be installed to demo the upgrade to the types of slopes supported. The old SlopesTest.wad
should be deleted. In addition a new demo file R3DLadderTest.wad will also be found showing how ladders can be used and how to
create a ladder that can be climbed on both sides by superimposing a textured ladder line on another with no texture applied. All of these
 wads are placed in the R3DTEST folder.


RELEASE v2.2.32 - update March  2017

Changes over v220-31 ...

Bug fixes;

  1. If a fake sector's water floor was under a 3D floor then, when viewed from above with water translucency disabled.
  2. Doors were not crushing monsters.

Note 1) and/or 2) may have been fixed if you downloaded a v220-31 version
dated later than the 14th December. These changes are now included and
annotated as v220-32 in the source.


  1. Maps with no nodes can be run. Lutz's d2hs.wad was released with no bsp nodes for map24 which, with previous
    versions of Risen3D, would prevent it from being run. They were not needed as R3D always builds nodes but
    previously their absence was taken to be a wad error.
  2. R3D_xx files hav been ammended to run with btsx_e1a which has now, finally, been released. Unfortunately the
    map wad was named btsx_e1a instead of the expected btsx_e1 hence the changes made. If you have already
    downloaded the wad and renamed the map wad to btsx_e1 then please rename it back again. The entries in these
    files allow the maps to be run with models and splash/steps floor sound effects.
    Remember that to enable this you must untick 'Basic Doom Mode' in the Launcher and tick, under Models,
    'Force Model override'. Models must, of course, have been downloaded and installed.



RELEASE v2.2.31 - update February  2017


Requires; Win98/win2k/XP/Vista[32/64], Windows7[32/64], Windows8, or Windows10 and at least DX8.

Please note: when updating Risen3D any analysis files that were previously stored will be rebuilt.

New users should be aware that nodes and analysis file building with large maps can take some time. This only
happens when first run as any node file that takes more than one second to build or analysis file that takes more
than three are stored allowing the start-up delay delay when next run to be minimised.

Although several options will be shown for window sizing within the in game Control Panel/Video menu it is
best to run in Fullscreen mode and to use, if the monitor is not a crt type, the monitor's default resolution (which
should also be the desktop resolution).


Changes over v220-30 ...

Bug fixes;

  1. If a fake sector's water floor was under a 3D floor then, when viewed from above with water translucency disabled,
    it was still rendered as translucent.
  2. If sloped sectors were beneath a faked sector's water floor and the view point was above the faked floor then the fake
    sector's light level was not being applied to the slopes. This was only a problem if using translucency.
  3. Things type 5000 should have spawned light on the ceiling if the spawn angle was set to East. This had got broken
    somewhere along the line.
  4. An issue with scripted maps saved settings could lead, when starting another savegame with a different map, to
    dynlights remaining off. To overcome this then any map with 5000 type Things now has dynlights turned on by default.
  5. Line 0 was being ignored when setting the blockmap. This was previously missed since it is rare to have line 0 set
    with a slope in a map and rarer still that one vertex sets the map's limit in isolation. In fact only one map has been
    found (a small test map) where this is the case. Thus, in general, the blockmap was previously correctly constructed in
    all but this one known case that has come to light.
  6. When firing a model rocket the drawing of it is delayed to prevent the player's view being inside the rocket. Previously
    the z-distance was not being taken into account meaning that when firing upwards then a brief flash, in the player's face,
    of the rocket's fins would be seen.
  7. When running forward and firing a missile it is now spawned in front of the player; not behind as before. This is a common
    Doom 'issue'.
  8. If standing close to an R3D blocking line when firing missiles then, previously, these would pass straight through.
  9. The automap now doesn't show lines flagged 'invisible' with cheat levels less than 2.
  10. Vertical 'Caco' movement smoothing has been improved.
  11. A Doom bug where the y-offset of masked texture patches was added to the map y-offset is now emulated. Mainly benefits
    older megawads such as Eternall.wad dated 1997. Note: if downloading just extract ETERNALL.WAD and use it
    as is. Ignore the INSTALL.txt. Only the wad as it stands, unmodified, will be correctly supported by R3D.
  12. Gibbed SKULLS now don't radiate head particles and the gibbed carcass is removed. This normally only happened when
    they were crushed by a lift.
  13. A long standing bug with Things being crushed by a rising floor has been fixed where the carcass would be left hanging in
    space if the floor was then lowered.
  14. When in fly mode but on the ground footsteps sounds had been suppressed but not the jump down sound.
  15. Spurious splash sounds could previously occur when walking or jumping on lines that offset the player above water flats.
  16. In a water sector dead models were supposed to float to the surface but this did not work if corpse fade was disabled.
    This has now been changed. It is now the case that gibbed Things are prevented from floating up and monsters with a height
    greater than 56 (e.g. revenants, fatsos, cyberdemons and so on) and if the depth of water is less than or equal to 64 map units.
    In all other cases Things will float up to the surface when killed and will not be faded out irrespective of any corpse fade value set.
  17. Previously trying to warp during an infine script or update could cause an endless loop to be entered. Trying this now will just
    give a 'warp failed' message.
  18. 3D lines and plats used for lifts have been completely reworked. A demo map for these will be found in R3DTEST named
    3D_Lifts_Check.wad. The testmap R3Ddemo184_06.wad has been revised to accommodate a change to the method that,
    in cases other than the demo lift in this map which is otherwise unchanged, allows for more flexibility.
  19. Global external hi-res textures were not being applied with 3D line textures or 3D alpha floor textures.
  20. Display items with a scripted map in the hud were not being recorded with a savegame. This meant that although a key, for
    example, was owned by the player (and was useable) there may have been no indication of this in the hud.
  21. 21) Line special 218 support has been added. Somehow got missed back in the day.
  22. A scripted MODELRESET bug (sort of) was found. 79xx Things with no 77xx info Thing could cause a crash where omitted even
    if having no specific function.
  23. Previously the program could fail to respond after alt-tabbing out from the Control Panel.
  24. Fixed bug that prevented doors crushing dead enemies.
  25. Fixed bug that prevented secret exits in Ultimate Doom working as intended.

    NOTE: prior to the major update to Win10 in January 2016 then, when in FULLSCREEN mode, a Win10 bug prevented the
    window of a tabbed function from being displayed. It is best to either update Win10 or avoid using ALT_TAB when in fullscreen
    mode until doing so.


  1. Dynlight 5000's are now always spawned irrespective of the game's difficulty settings. The settings are now used to set the colour.
    Since a 5000 type would previously have been set easy+normal+hard, given it would always have had to be spawned, then it will
    continue to render as white as before meaning the change is backward compatible. Changing the mix now changes the colour and
    as long as one is set it will be spawned (if none are set it will be ignored).
    See R3D_types.txt for all details for dynlights plus newly extended types 5500 to 5505 and the demo map
    R3D_dynlights_demo.wad in the Risen3D\R3DGames\R3DTEST\gwads\ folder.
    Note: for the extended functions to work a T15509 must be in the map. See Risen3D\R3D_Docs\Editing\R3D_Types.txt
  2. If a 3D line has a lower hi-res alpha texture then it allows bullets to pass through. This behaviour can now be changed to block
     bullets. See the updated R3D_Structures.txt.
  3. Previously if the player was crushed by a 3D flat ceiling then it ended up in the space between the ceiling and floor above. As such
    a red screen is now rendered should the player expire under a 3D flats lift when the ceiling is at the floor's height.
  4. Missiles spawned by enemies now have the z separation taken into account in order to ensure that their speed remains constant.
    Previously, as in the case of the Doom engine, high spawned missiles would move up/down far too quickly in the z direction relative
    to their target. This also led to Things missiles hitting the floor they were standing on.
  5. Self inflicted damage is not reduced in easy mode. This is because some maps use suicide to get to the next level and have
    assumed that the player is not using easy mode. In these cases, previously, it could be impossible to exit when using easy mode.
    Note: it is not my job to be judgemental but it is my job to prevent users thinking the engine is at fault through being unable to
    complete a level.
  6. Monsters can now be spawned using 16xxx spots that act normally and are now unspawned if using the -nomonsters switch.
    Previously they would not only have always been spawned but also would have remained fixed to their spawn position
    (mainly because the intention was not to include enemies). As such this can now be used to spawn Things on 3D flats or at a
    specific height (e.g. Caco's) without having to use a referencing 3D line (or some bodge up involving the use of missing textures).
  7. Pipebombs or grenades were not being primed until hitting the floor so bouncing one off a wall and then hitting an enemy meant it
    would then not explode. This has been changed so that hitting a wall as well as the floor will now prime them.
  8. Flats derived from wall textures that are not 64 square are now correctly drawn in the automap.
  9. The degree of missile light applied to floor and walls whilst travelling has been increased. Rendering the light can now be optioned
    in Control Panel/Lighting where a new button 'Enable Missile Light' will be found. Note that plasma and spider bullets do not
    cast light when moving.
  10. Three new buttons have been added that can be selected in Control Panel/Lighting; 'Torch light', 'Vertex distance' and 'Non-Linear'
    See R3D_Docs\Help\R3D_Brightness.txt for more information on how to best use these switches. An example would be when
    running Deadall's epic2 map26 where selecting 'Torch light' and 'Non-Linear' gives better results in the large opening area.
    Note that scripted maps have already been optimised and the buttons will not be displayed with this map type.
  11. Where a game has custom.hires entries then these will be loaded irrespective of whether hires textures/patches or skyboxes have
    been ticked in the Launcher. Thus custom directories are treated in the same way as if the textures are embedded in the wad.
  12. All joystick parms are now all in the default Doom setup i.e. ESC-OPTIONS-INPUT OPTIONS... If you have one fitted but use the
    mouse then it should be disabled in this menu (or deselected in the Launcher).


  1. Flashing/strobing/coloured dynamic light sources have been added using doom edit numbers 5500 to 5505. See R3D_types.txt.
  2. Things using map type numbers 17000 to 17099 can be used in conjunction with an SCP_ZOFF script to change the speed of
    elevators. See the SCP_ZOFF_Header.txt in Risen3D\R3D_Docs\Editing.
  3. To help explain how 3D floors can be created a wad has been added to the R3DTest\gwads\ folder: Nesting3DfloorsExample.wad.
    In the same folder is an accompanying text file.
  4. To help explain how 3D lifts can be created a wad has been added to the R3DTest\gwads\ folder: 3D_Lifts_Check.wad. In the same
    folder is an accompanying text file.
  5. Some new SCP_ZOFF keywords have been added that can be used outside of a scripted map. The new keywords are
    LIGHTSCHEME. See the SCP_DEFN_Header.txt. The PSEUDOFAKE keyword, for example, allows a floor to both remain
    unchanged and, if required, to rise through a fake floor level neither of which are possible with the usual fake special 242.
    The extensions also allow for some mapping features to be added without having to use more formalised scripting.
  6. New types 1800x have been added for use with teleport trigger lines to allow light setting changes or making a trigger line exclude
    monsters. See the R3D_Types.txt.The PSEUDOFAKE keyword, for example, allows a floor to both remain unchanged and, if required,
     to rise through a fake floor level neither of which are possible with the usual fake special 242. The extensions also allow for some
    mapping features to be added without having to use more formalised scripting.
  7. If using an NVidia GTX 1080 card then set Aggressive flush in the Control Panel (F4 - Graphics) to YES.
  8. Scripted maps always light models using the default sector light. If you want floorlight to light the models when using line special
    213 then put the keyword USEFLOORSECTORLIGHT in the script.
  9. A new file has been added - R3D_PresetVars - that is used for compatibility changes with pwads. This has extensive entries to
    allow better compatibility with Aaliens.wad dated 17 July 2016. Note that savegames made with this pwad prior to v220-31 may
    override corrections applied using this file.

          NOTE:  R3D line maps expect a jump power of 9. This can be viewed or set using the command: player-jump-power. This is so
         3D ladders that start above the ground can be jumped onto, for example, whilst being high enough off the ground to be able to walk
         beneath without blocking movement. If a Thing 15504 exists in a map then this is set automatically and cannot be changed from a
         menu. This does not, however, affect default settings made for standard maps. It can also be overridden by a scripted map definition.

The following files have been added or updated or amended;



GPU notes;

If using an ATI Radeon card its monitoring program can crash when ALT_TAB'ing out. Since this program has no useful function as far as
can be seen then just closing it in the crash window is all that is needed as following this everything then carries on as normal.

Note also that you can get hesitations or severe slowdowns with models when using an ATI card (such as the HD4850 512M) which is strange
given that none of these problems were encountered with a cheap Samsung laptop (EP300E5A) which uses an inexpensive Intel graphics chip.

NVidia GTX 700 and higher cards. Nvidia's support for XP is on the wane because of XP's 32bit limit preventing memory access within the range
needed. With the GTX 750ti 2MB card, for example, an entry level card at the time of writing, memory lockups have been encountered when running
R3D requiring a hard reset. This does not happen with Win7 64bit and on. Please also not point 7) under 'additions' above.


RELEASE v2.2.30 - update December 2014

Changes over v220-29 ...

  1. Fixed bug introduced in v220-29 where a missing upper texture may not have had a flat texture substituted.

Note: Updating from v29 to v30 will not cause any analysis files or nodes files built with v29 to be rebuilt.


RELEASE v2.2.29 - update November 2014

Changes over v220-28 ...

  1. Using the 'kill' command in the console now unfreezes the game.
  2. Bug fixed that could cause the wrong lighting value to be applied to a sprite or model in a heightsec sector.
  3. False glow planes being generated with slopes when viewed underwater are now not drawn.
  4. Bug fixed in teleport code that prevented an object placed directly on a teleport line in a scroll sector from being
    teleported to the line's tagged sector. This has only just been discovered as it is rare.
  5. Very occasionally it was found that a line to line teleport could fail. No fault with the code could be found so the code
    responsible has now been marked not to be optimised by the compiler. Since doing this the fault cannot be replicated
    with v220-29.
  6. Dead Things now only float to the surface of fake sectors that have water flats set. Note that this only happens when
    using a value of 1 to 9 with corpse fade.
  7. Long standing bug with sky rendering that has only just come to light has been fixed. It is unlikely that any wad run
    to date would have been affected.
  8. The rendering code has been modified to prevent a replacement missing texture being drawn where it is possible that
    a valid lower texture could be drawn that takes the same position (vanishingly rare).
  9. An error in R3D_modify has been fixed with this release. This previously meant that some files that should have had one
    type of nodes build used another, less compliant, type. For these files it may be found that savegames made with v220-28
    no longer work as now, when re-run, the nodes will be built differently. The files that would have been adversely affected are:
    The files that would have been adversely affected are:
    cchest4 map14, crudream map11, dubai_up map01, dv map05 HR map07, intercep map28, mm map15, mohu1 map01
    mohu2 map01, ndcp map27, pl1024 map31, planisf2 map01, sacrament map13, sid map02, songs map01, sunder map10
    sunder map14, urbanFR map01, vrack3 map01, youdig map01
  10. A map fault where a line cannot be crossed preventing a walkover action has been removed as a hard-wired fix and is now
    defined externally.


RELEASE v2.2.28 - update October 2014

Changes over v220-27 ...

  1. Following a forum request dropping the console now suspends any game that may be in progress until raised again.
    If the previous behaviour is wanted then use SHIFT + the console key.
  2. Smoothing with movement in the vertical axis (e.g. when enemies are walking up or down slopes in R3D maps) has
    been improved.
  3. On rare occasions cacos could 'vibrate' up and down when stationary in certain circumstances. Although difficult to
    either emulate or track down it is believed that this has now been fixed.
  4. A small rendering error was spotted with S540 in btsx_e1 map12 that had previously been missed. This was caused
    by an analysis error that has now been fixed.
  5. Tested with btsx_e2_b2 with support files updated to work with btsx_e2a.
  6. Scripted push objects bug fixed.


RELEASE v2.2.27 - update September 2014

Changes over v220-26 ...

  1. Fixes bug that caused an error code exit when saving a wad on exiting edit mode. The wad itself was unaffected and
    changes were stored OK. The problem was with an update being made to the nodes file to prevent the edit nodes
    having to be built again.
  2. It was found that an analyser change for skies was not being stored to the analysis file. This was rare as in almost all
    maps that needed the change the analysis was fast enough to mean no file was created which in turn meant it was of
    no consequence. Nevertheless this has now been fixed.
  3. Weird Doom logic in sky sectors that was not being emulated caused an offset error that has now been fixed. An
    example was with the lower textures on the lines in SiD map01 S391.
  4. Some minor analysis changes made. For example L1391 in Didy's Beluga (the door blocking access to the chainsaw)
    is now rendered correctly. This is a rare case of where an alpha tex is used as an upper texture which should not be
    vertically clamped.
  5. The DEHACKED reader has been modified to tolerate embedded zeroes. An old game was found, hunt.wad, that had
    one of these in its deh file that was stopping any of the characters following it from being read. This is vanishingly rare
    as the sort of simple text editor that would be used to create a deh file does not normally allow such a character to
    be inserted.  


RELEASE v2.2.26 - update July 2014

Changes over v220-25 ...

  1. Fixes a bug with the midi player that could previously cause a crash when changing the midi file being played for another
    (e.g. when restarting or ending a game or loading a savegame). This bug was first introduced in v220-13 but through being
    rare and difficult to reproduce has not been tracked down until now.
  2. Fixes a bug in the automap when using reveal 3 where the locked door lines could be drawn using the wrong line number.
  3. No longer reports switch textures that are not included in the TEXTURE1 lump as missing.
  4. Prevents repatched textures from having an external hi-res texture substituted.
  5. Some map analysis changes have been made.

Note: Some savegames may be incompatible if made with a version prior to v220-25.


RELEASE v2.2.25 - update May 2014

Changes over v220-24 ...

  1. A change to the method of nodes building has been made that helps to increase frame rates with Deadall's FrozenT wad.
    This has the downside that any savegames made prior to v220-25 cannot be run. It was felt that this was acceptable given
    the degree of speed up achieved. Note that Basic Doom Mode should always be used for comparative testing as any
    overhead introduced when a system is heavily loaded (i.e. with models, particles etc.) will impact frame rates to a
    greater extent than when capacity is still available.
  2. Bug preventing doom maps numbered above 89 from loading, recently introduced, has been fixed. Maps using such high
    numbers is, however, vanishingly rare.
  3. An offset code error has been fixed and an offset error with Eternall map25 L2236 has been fixed.
  4. Some rendering issues have also been addressed with;
    a) ADSP map03,
    b) AV map16,
    c) CCHEST3 map16,
    d) INTERCEP map26 and
    e) TV1998 map15.
  5. Issues with Didy's Dubai_up and new mohu1 and mohu2 wads have been fixed. NOTE: mohu1 and mohu2 both use map01
    (see Didy's txt files for the reason he has done this). As such if wanting them to be placed in a common UDIR directory they
    should be placed in a gwads child directory NOT a pwads directory.


RELEASE v2.2.24 - update March 2014

Changes over v220-23 ...

  1. When using autoaim then a Thing is rejected that cannot be seen due to it being below the player. This prevents rockets,
    for example, apparently exploding in the player's face when it has actually hit the floor due to something below (or above)
    being near a vertical drop-off. Note that if the top of the Thing is visible then ordinance could hit the floor if its diameter
    causes it to catch the lip of an edge. Player beware.
  2. Problem with hud lighting in sectors with light levels over 150 fixed. Previously there was no further model brightening above
    59% of the maximum possible.
  3. Hi-res game specific custom textures stored in custom.hires were not being loaded in basic doom mode.
  4. Various analysis fixes including ones for ur_final.wad maps 16 and 17.
  5. Problems could occur when using hi-res patches with the rendering in game of one of the two armour sprites frames.

   ADDED in Updated (17th March)

  1. Synced strobe was unsynced. Bug's been there forever but has not been spotted until now. Note: saved games made prior
    to this release will still have the bug.
  2. When rendering sprites some decoration types that have a true radius significantly greater than the blocking radius would,
    previously, not have been drawn when the blocking radius was occluded.
  3. Player friction was ignored if on a floor carry surface even if the floor was not being scrolled. In this case normal friction is
    now restored.
  4. LANGUAGE lump support extended allowing, for example, the intended exittext messages for btsx_e1.wad to be shown.
  5. Lower unpegged line offsets in a fake sector revised. This does not affect any currently known map but will be needed for a
    map that is yet to be released.
  6. Unindexed hud images greater than 32x32 pixels are now not drawn.


RELEASE v2.2.23 - update January 2014

Changes over v220-22 ...

  1. Scripted keywords CHECKU79LIST and USED79LIST added. Gives ability to create a list of 79xx/69xx things that must be
    activated or killed before another can be operated. See R3D_Docs\Editing\SCP_DEFN_Header.txt
  2. Support for custom detail.wad. Where a user has created his own detail.wad and detail.ded but does not want these to be
    suppressed with pwad textures a new folder in Data\Dtex can be created into which the replacement custom detail wad and
    only necessary to put -dtex name, where "name" is the name of the ded can be placed. It is then new folder on the launcher's
    command line. The existing detail.wad and ded will then be ignored and only those in "name" loaded.
  3. All tex compression removed as this was causing problems with some cards and/or their drivers. It seems this is now "old hat"
    and it would appear that this is not being properly tested by graphic cards' software designers for backward compatibility.
    If only an old card is being used with less than 256Mb of memory then it is best that hi-res textures/patches are not used.
  4. Fixes a bug when in S176 area of Doom E1M2 (when switch was hit then the whole area was enveloped by a falling floor).
  5. Fixes a bug that could lead to R3D exiting with a PROGRAM ERROR REND message. This occurred, for example, with
    Memento Mori map06 if near S69. The bug was present in more recent versions but has only now come to light.
  6. Deals with issue in uacjail.wad (pickup is now allowed through a textureless blocking wall).


Due to recent texture compression problems with more recent graphics cards the option to enable text compression with the launcher
has been removed.


RELEASE v2.2.22 - update December 2013

Changes over v220-21 ...

  1. Menu fixes for pwads with changed graphics (whether high or low res.). This, previously, was only partially supported.
    In addition a 'READ THIS!' option was wrongly included which messed up alignment where backing graphics were used.
    Some examples of pwads where menu graphics are now correctly displayed are hr2final, Icarus, vg and btsx_e1. Note
    that individual custom graphic characters are not supported with LOAD and SAVE slots, for example, to allow the
    continued use of the standard, default hi-res replacements.
  2. When loading a savegame for the current game then any music that is playing will continue to play without interruption
    and will not be restarted. This has been added following requests from users.
  3. Floor carry with very small scroll values is now applied. Although an MBF/Boom revision this originally left the default
    Doom code unmodified which kills any slow movement. This, for example, affected the rate of progress at the start of
    maps like Deadall's hg.wad map06 meaning it could take an age to 'fall through the sky'.
  4. Automap revisions include the ability to see single key doors and all keys (in line with some other ports) and also a new
    cheat to show all subsectors and to jump to the automap cursor, which can help with map development and design issues.
  5. Ceiling light levels viewed through a fake sector's ceiling when using translucency were not drawn using the correct light level.
  6. HUD weapon lighting was not being adjusted when under a fake floor.
  7. IWAD textures used with 3D lines were not having hi-tex replacements assigned.
  8. Detail textures are no longer applied to custom textures as they often do not suit. If map authors using custom textures
    wanted to also provide custom detail textures to work with them, then, although not currently supported, this could be
    accommodated. One detail texture can be used with several textures which means that each custom texture does not require
    its own specific detail texture, so the overhead of providing a set to work with a group of custom textures is not as onerous as it
    might at first seem. An author may want to consider this as one of the set of detail textures already provided could already suit
    a new custom texture. This would mean, in the main, only having to create a definition file to link a detail texture to a custom
    texture. Detail textures can provide an effective and efficient way of adding to the overall look when using lo-res custom textures
    that have no hi-res replacement. If an author was minded to do this then he/she should contact us so that R3D can be modified
    to add the necessary support. It currently only supports the existing def file for use with iwad textures.
  9. Wall texture scaling was being rounded to an integer causing unwanted edge artifacts.
  10. An overflow fault existed in the clipper (affected planisf2.wad).
  11. A teleport issue caused when a tpman's centre is placed on a line with different front and back sectors addressed. This can
    cause the wrong subsector to be returned by P_PointInSubsector(). Although now dealt with it remains bad map design practice
    to do this which un-doubtedly explains why cases of this are vanishingly rare. It would only have worked originally through Doom's
    node builder causing the 50:50 chance of selection to serendipitously return the ssec needed.
  12. Rendering bug fixed that could cause a texture to be wrongly sized. This was rare and the only known example was the switch
    with the SW1EXIT texture in 10sector map 25. Since the error happened intermittently and never with a saved game after the switch
    had been exposed the fault had previously slipped through the net.
  13. New scripted keyword PLAYERVIEWHEIGHT added to allow the player's view height to be adjusted. (See SCP_DEFN_Header.txt).
    This has not been made available for use with standard doom maps as it never seems to be required with these. If anyone knows
    any different then please let us know (maybe a dehacked map we've not seen or one where we are unaware that the viewheight
    has been changed).
  14. Some major changes have been made to the analysis code. This both addresses some previously minor issues that, until now,
    were left 'as is' and some major issues found with pwads currently in development (i.e. yet to be released).


RELEASE v2.2.21 - update April 2013

Changes over v220-20 ...

  1. Now accepts hi-res png or jpg textures not placed between markers. Example would be Hedrox2.wad.
    Note that best practice is to include these types of textures between either TX_START and TX_END or
    HI_START and HI_END markers.
  2. Palette changes now taken into account to suppress hi-res texture or model replacement. In the main it is
    recommended that Basic Doom Mode is used with wads having significant palette changes such as stardate20x6.wad.
    Note that if using models etc. with a wad of this type that 'Force Model Override' should not be ticked in the Launcher.
  3. Some early wads duplicated all the iwad sprites in their pwad. This would normally prevent any models being used
    (as models are normally inhibited if sprites have been changed). This can be overridden by placing -nodup on the
    Launcher's command line.
  4. Bug fix where wrong floor light was being used for a sprite/model.
  5. Added ability to push objects using the USE key. Things must be defined as pushable in the relevant def entry by
    adding to the the flags2 flag entry mf2_pushable. Also see PUSH_SOUND in the SCP_DEFN_Header.txt.
  6. Added THINGOFFSET keyword for scripted maps. See SCP_DEFN_Header.txt.
  7. Some analysis fixes made.
  8. Code changes made to facilitate the new Risen3D map - Temple of the Doomed.
  9. Bug fixed in Launcher that would allow selection ( in the map list ) of an item without a map number.


1) It has been found that the performance of some ATI cards is compromised if Texture Compression is ticked under the Launcher's
   Graphics tab. The revised Launcher now has this unticked by default. It only needs to be ticked if using an old graphics card with
   less than 256Mb of on-board memory.

2) A minimum of 512Mb of on-board graphic's memory may be required for some of the later Risen3D maps such as Cruel Death
   and the newly released Temple of the Doomed.


RELEASE v2.2.20 - update April 2013

Changes over v220-19 ...

  1. A user reported on the forum that changing the midi volume affected the sfx volume. This fault is rare and despite
    Risen3D having been tested with many types of sound chips and cards this fault has never been encountered
    (and therefore cannot be diagnosed). It appears to be caused when using a low cost, non featured sound card.
    There are two things that can be tried;
    a)  Put -useFMODs on the Launcher's command line to force fmod to use a software mixer specifically for use with
        non featured soundcards or, if this does not correct the problem,
    b)  put -FMODmidi on the Launcher's command line to force fmod to play midi files instead of Risen3D's internal midi
        sequencer. Note that fmod's midi player (versions up to 00044403 have been tried) does not always give the best results.
        Compare between the two using Doom E1M5's mus file to hear the difference. This has nothing to do with Risen3D and
        is solely an fmod problem. Note that no midi device selection will be shown in Risen3D's Control Panel AUDIO when
        using fmod to play midis.
  2. Now does not prevent list being displayed to select a midi device in the control panel if a bad device is selected (such as Creative's
    SoundFont). This previously prevented a valid device being selected (unless using a more obscure global command line option).
  3. Bug fixed when changing fullscreen window sizes from a lower to a higher resolution.
  4. Analysis error in the v220-19 service release that affected heDRoX, as reported on the forum, fixed. This bug also affected Cruel Death.
  5. Various general analysis updates added.


RELEASE v2.2.19 - update January 2013

Changes over v220-18 ...

  1. New script reverb keyword added plus revisions to script reader. For all scripting declarations see SCP_DEFN_Header.txt in
  2. Some analysis revisions added.
  3. Actually in v220-18 but omitted from list: bug fixed that affected dropped pickups in game but which worked when restoring a
    savegame. Previously the pickup was only accessible if walking directly over it.
  4. Memory overwrite bug fixed with error strings.


RELEASE v2.2.18 - update January 2013

Changes over v220-17 ...

  1. Analysis code revised to support btsx_e1.wad (ver f) available from
    If you already have ver e and want to continue using this for savegame reasons then v220-18 also supports this version.
  2. Doom episodes limit increased to allow support for DTWID-LE.wad available from
    The wad has six episodes. This wad can now be played when starting from new.
  3. Distance darkening now uses a clamped sine type function which gives results closer to that seen when using the original
    Doom engine. The previous linear function is still applied with R3D scripted maps as this would be what they were originally
    authored to use and, as such, remains the case. Distance darkening with sky sectors is, however, no longer applied to flats.
  4. 2048 wide sky textures are now supported.
  5. GL message window could fail in rare circumstances. An example would be when asked to load a corrupt texture included in a wad
    which would cause an exit with an error report.
  6. Memory leak fixed when changing between maps.
  7. A range of fonts can now be selected for use with the Risen3D launcher.


RELEASE v2.2.17 - update October 2012

Changes over v220-16 ...

  1. GL message window used to overcome problem with Vista/Win7 where the MS function MessageBox() ignores the uppermost flag if a
    fullscreen GL window is being used.
  2. User reported rendering error with nerve map04 S714 fixed.
  3. As requested by users automap markpoints are now stored to a savegame. This is backward savegame compatible. Any previous
    savegames will just cause any markpoints set to be cleared. Note that in v220-15 markpoints were not being cleared (which was a bug
    ixed in v220-16 as a new map would have them set to the positions of a previous map which is of no use) but it gave the impression that
    they were being saved should the user have loaded a savegame for the same map. In fact Risen3D, until now, has never saved markpoints.
  4. User can now run a wad with an oversize block map (e.g. planisf2.wad) but a warning window is first shown pointing out that hitscan or
    rendering errors could occur.
  5. Some analysis errors fixed that slipped through the net.


RELEASE v2.2.16 - update September 2012

Changes over v220-15 ...

  1. Analysis changes made to accommodate various issues.Risen3D is now Cchest4.wad friendly! Especially with map14.
    Sacrament.wad maps 7, 8 and 10 are also now rendered correctly. If on starting Sacrament map10 you are informed that four
    textures are missing then either update to the latest version of the wad (where this has been fixed) or just press 'Yes' to continue
     as the issue is fairly benign (especially if you want to be able to continue to use any existing savegames).
  2. Doom bug re-instated that allows, for example, the player to hit enemies in Requiem map31 S23 whilst in the area bounded by S31.
  3. Falling damage was broken and has now been fixed. Check this has not been accidentally switched on (ESC/OPTIONS/GAMEPLAY)
    if unwanted as the player can now receive damage or be killed by falling.
  4. In a few cases occlusion was occurring when not wanted. Several maps from different wads were affected by this.
    E.g. ZoF.wad "Zones of Fear" map32 (S347 to S349).
  5. Problem with alternating WIMAP# and patches WIA##### between custom and hi-res textures fixed.
  6. If using the old doom style status bar then both keys are now drawn, if owned, in their respective key boxes. The use of hi-res patches
    is recommended as the standard doom textures look even worse when both are rendered together.
  7. Long standing error with strobe effect fixed. Sector specials 12 and 13 were reversed.
  8. Bullets fired upwards to fake ceiling now spawn a bullet puff on the true ceiling; not the fake ceiling.
  9. New code added to block pickups that are totally occluded behind closed doors or walls. This aids with map construction such as with
    the blue armour in NDCP2 map04 or the wall blocking the red keycard in hc20 map02. A map author would reasonably expect this
    behaviour, especially in the two examples mentioned, but the Doom engine ignores walls between the pickup and the player for the
    sake of expediency. Note that midtextures or setting a line to block does not prevent getting a pickup.
  10. Hacked to overcome problem with Deadall's "VooDoo Guns" where picking up the dehacked BFG played the "Good, bad, I'm the
    guy with the gun" sound but failed to give the player the gun. The fix is backward savegame compatible as long as the gun in the
    savegame has not been picked up.
  11. The console command 'map-cheat-counter' revamped. Setting this to 1 will cause secrets/pickups/kills with number found and number
    that exist to be displayed in the automap's right top hand panel.
  12. Support added for "resetinventory" in the ZDOOM MAPINFO compatibility code.
  13. Size of mark spots on automap increased.
  14. Automap background key changed from 'i' to 'u'. This is to prevent the background type changing if using the iddt cheat whilst in the
    automap. An additional selection has been added when cycling with the 'u' key which is a solid light fawn background. A full description
    of automap colours used with lines etc. can be found in R3D_Docs\Help\ folder.
  15. Modified to allow loading of the new Freedoom ultimate release. Note that the installation rules set out in FreedoomInstall.txt MUST be
    followed. This file is located in the R3D_Docs\Help\ folder.
  16. Player can now start with bubbles being generated if in a sector with its own fake sector without water flats, but where using WATERMAP,
    (e.g. configured to look like a tunnel filled with water) and where attached to a fake sector using both WATERMAP and fake water flats
    from which it inherits the normal water dynamics effect.
  17. Ability to add splash sound effect but with no splash rendered added for 'black' animated flats.
  18. On rare occasions R3D could partially hang after initialising FMOD, partial because focus could still be changed using ALT-TAB. It is
    believed that this has now been fixed. In addition FMOD dll version 4.42.01 is now used.
  19. Rare problem that led to incorrect hi-res scaling fixed caused by an author replacing one IWAD patch textures with another.
  20. Risen3D prevented loading of a map that exceeded the block limits on which aspects of the code depend (hitscan and clipping). This
    is now allowed but only if the user agrees, through a nag screen being spawned, to accept the possibility of problems. What is not
    understood is that although a map can theoretically have a width and/or height of 512 blocks that the actual limits should not exceed
    256 in either the x or y direction. The map can be placed within the area available for editing at any point because the offsets used
    in the code are made relative to the lower x,y mapunit values.


RELEASE v2.2.15 - update June 2012

Changes over v220-14 ...

  1. Default now uses desktop resolution as the fullscreen value. This is to overcome some driver issues where they like to interfere
    with the monitor.inf providing oversize (and therefore invalid) settings. This assumes that most users will be using their monitor's
    true max resolution for their desktop. It is important that Risen3D knows a monitor's true resolution else field of view calculations
    cannot be determined.
  2. Automap revised as various inconsistencies had crept in with the way lines were displayed. Floor textures can now, optionally,
    also be displayed. In the automap (use the TAB key to bring it up) F1 toggles floor texture drawing. Press 'H' in the automap to
    see all the options.
  3. Problem with light not being rendered on adopted sector fixed (e.g. Herian2 map28 from pickups T303. T304)
  4. LOOKSPRING setting ignored if mouse look is permanently set. Previously setting both led to jerky movement. This prevents
    having to set LOOKSPRING to NO if setting MOUSELOOK to YES. Note that autoaim is permanently disabled if using mouselook.
    The only time autoaim is active is if the player is looking straight ahead with MOUSELOOK OFF. Thus if a key has been set to
    mouselook only whilst depressed (rather than having it permanently enabled) then if autoaim is wanted when released (at which
    point it stays looking at the last angle set) it is best to set LOOKSPRING to ON as this guarantees the player will be set to look
    straight ahead as soon as the player is moved.
  5. Previously When autoaim was active (see 4) the BFG was not working as expected.
  6. Scripted map LINKPICKUP inconsistency with a savegame fixed.
  7. New scripted keyword added PICKUPDEFAULTS to allow eight additional Things to be defined (doomednum in range 7692 to 7699)
    as pickups (4 armour, health).
  8. DED entry error fixed that caused the wrong skin to be drawn for the Spectre when killed.
  9. Spectre fade out fixed at 1 second on death to prevent rendering anomalies.
  10. Where a map exit is forced by teleport stomping a boss then a delay of 60 tics is applied before exiting.
  11. Freedoom ultimate now supported but only, in the case of Risen3D, if the user possesses the retail doom.wad. Problem installing
    Freedoom-IWAD has also been fixed. To install either then look in the CustomPWADS.txt in the help folder. This can easily be
    accessed using the'?' button near the top right hand corner of the Launcher's window.
  12. Some map analysis changes have been made to cope with invalid map constructions that looked OK (but weren't) with software
    rendering and low screen resolutions (e.g. Icarus map14 S23, S25, S28, S32, S186 and S201).
  13. Fixed problem playing midi in Didy's beluga.wad. This was caused by some lower channels being allocated for text only preventing
    channels higher than 16 being played and is the only known case. Previously channels were limited to 16 as some midi's  use
    1-16 and then 17-32 to allow for more than one midi instrument to be used with external midi ports. To filter out secondary instrument
    tracks the number supported had been limited to 16 which caused the beluga problem. Since all midi players are equally affected
    (including the Windows media player) then this is not a Risen3D issue. It only means that referencing any such midi in a playlist is
    not a good idea unless the user has multiple midi instruments, external midi ports and knows how to configure them.


RELEASE v2.2.14 - update May 2012

Changes over v220-13 ...

  1. MUS to midi conversion error fixed.
  2. Problem with player jump code fixed.
  3. Problem with bullet collision under 3D flats fixed.
  4. Problem with range overflow with bullet hitscan fixed.


RELEASE v2.2.13 - update March 2012

Changes over v220-12 ...

  1. Sound updated to use the latest FMOD, view the Risen3D_Readme.txt for additional information.
  2. Support for inter music in playlists added. The launcher playlist creation tool now adopts a new format to include inter music
    for the different map types, the user will be given the option to convert any previously created playlists to the new format.
  3. The launcher now has the capability of creating an auto-playlist group, basically this is a simple set and forget method by
    which a user can link any available iwad to a preferred playlist.
  4. If not wanting to use Vsync, frame rates can now be capped by the user in the range 100 to 200 fps. Note: it is always best
    to set this as low as possible to avoid screen tearing and excessive power usage (In game go to Control Panel/Video).
  5. Fixed a launcher bug that prevented a wad being selected on startup if more than one wad was present in the game list.
    Note: this was only an issue if a shortcut was created with no 'start in' path.
  6. The -ogp switch has been removed. All external music is now defined using playlists selectable in the launcher.
    Note: playlists are now automatically created for all soundtrack replacements hosted on the Risen3D website.
  7. Analysis code extended, will now run the following new maps without rendering errors ...
     - Joshy : surge.wad
     - Lainos : o34s.wad (Object "34": Sonar)
     - valkiriforce: etrnyour.wad (Eternally Yours)
  8. Dehacked support extended, will now run Deadall's VG.wad (Voodoo Guns).
  9. Several bugs in Risen3D fixed.
  10. Some changes have been made for savegames. Rather than prevent the loading of previous savegames these are still allowed.
    In some cases spectres may not be drawn correctly. This will have to be accepted as a trade off for allowing old savegame support.


RELEASE v2.2.12 - update October 2011

Changes over v220-10 ...

  1. Doom bug emulated that prevents fall through into a lower sector defined with parallel horizontal/vertical lines 32 map units apart.
    This could theoretically happen in Doom and this remains true in Risen3D but the chance of it happening is extremely remote
    which is why it never appeared to be a problem in Doom and why map authors were unaware that it could happen.
  2. New switch has been added  -user_ds max_width max_height
    This switch is useful for users with laptops that have a display that is smaller than the maximum reported by the inbuilt inf file.
    This happens where the manufacturer is trying to allow the display of 1920 x 1080 when the display's max true resolution is
    less than this. An example has been reported on a system where the max res was 1680 x 1050 but Risen3D was reporting that
    it was 1920 x 1080. This throws the internal Risen3D code which sets up the screen parameters. Where this is the case then
    using the switch on the Launcher's Command Line will fix the problem.
    E.g. with the case given; -user_ds 1680 1050
    R3D expects that the values sent are the monitor's true max display pel dimensions but no check is made on this other than
    comparing them with a list entry. The acceptance or rejection of the values set can be checked by inspecting Risen3D.out.
  3. Ded desync flag added for scripted maps; st_desync.
  4. Omission of operation of Linedef special type 10 fixed.
  5. The Launcher can now remember selected savegames if optioned, however this feature is still being tested for potential bugs.


RELEASE v2.2.11   ( NOTE v220-11 was not released )

Changes over v220-10 ...

  1. Fixes problem with WoS.wad map05 and savegame issue with the R3D scripted map Return to Lost City.
  2. Skull state error fixed.
  3. Map pre-analysis both amended and further extended.


RELEASE v2.2.10 - update May 2011

Changes over v220-9 ...

  1.  Code changes introduced in v220-9 meant that some analysis requirements were not being met. E.g infill flats on bridge near
    start of Requiem map13 but this is just one example amongst many that have now been fixed.
  2. The analysis code has been further extended to deal with previously ignored map tricks such as scrchhet.wad. Issues with
    recently released pwads have also been addressed.
  3. Rendering of doom alpha textures (walls and sprites) modified to get rid of fuzzy edges. In the case of sprites this can be changed
    in the in-game control panel under Textures (as some may prefer the previous way these were drawn).
  4. Rendering problems with recently released pwads have been addressed.
  5. Distortion in the automap fixed. This mainly occurred in fullscreen mode when the monitor's max resolution was not being selected.
  6. The in game console switch 'game -fastmonsters' has been removed as no-one seemed to know it was available. Instead this has
    now been optioned in the launcher under Options/Games.
  7. Lighting specials now applied with infill flats.
  8. The player weapon is now lit using the floor light level.
  9. Dating errors with pwads can now be fixed in R3D. Beluga, for example, is dated, inside its zip, as January 2012. This meant that
    saved games could not be used as they would pre-date the pwad. The user is now given the option of changing an incorrect pwad's
    date, where in advance of the current date, back to the current date.
  10. Various bugs fixed including some that could cause, in rare circumstances, the Risen3D error handler to force an exit.
  11. Resolved problem, when not using fullscreen, with screen save images or the image shown in control panel video with an ATI card.


RELEASE v2.2.09 - update December 2010

Changes over v220-8 ...

  1. Lower level of detail models are used if the distance exceeds 1000, this helps speed up demanding maps when using models.
    A new set of model packs will need to be installed to take advantage of this feature.
  2. Some issues with maps using missing textures to force the drawing of infill flats has been addressed. This allows the latest
    Deadall pwad, Epic2, to be run with R3D.
  3. Texture blending has been changed which improves rendering of masked textures and also prevents alpha occlusion with models.
  4. BFG shot is now projected in front of the player when fired and plasma explosions are now displayed if fired directly against a wall.
  5. Some speed-up code has been added that helps with certain types of map (depends on design). Helps in particular with
    Sunder map10. It can also help with maps where a lot of unoccluded subsectors can be in view at any one time such as SoD map28.
  6. Analysis has been speeded up. Loads Sunder map05 much faster for example. (It actually took a ridiculously long time previously).
  7. Lighting has been revised.
  8. Entries in music lists which do not start with a drive letter are now assumed to be relative to the ..\Risen3D\ folder in use allowing
    playlists to be portable if migrated to different drives.
  9. Various other minor issues have been addressed.
  10. A problem has been identified that, in rare circumstances, could cause Risen3D to exit with an error.
  11. Things can now have their orientations modified by the use of lists which if present are read at start up, this is useful for correctly
    aligning certain models. The lists are located in the Data\THD folder.
    Special thanks go to Prophet for compiling the iwad lists

RELEASE v2.2.08 - update August 2010

Changes over v220-7 ...

  1. Jerkiness in windows mode fixed. Mainly affected ATI Radeon cards.
  2. Fixes problem with punch and chainsaw. Previously something lower than the player's viewheight could be punched.
    This is now only possible if looking down. Similarly for targets that are higher; in this case the player will need to look up.
    Where targets are out of reach then no punch sound is played. The prevailing text also applies for the chainsaw.
  3. Fixes some issues with the way Caco's behaved.
  4. Fixes rendered position of commander keen sprite (model was OK).
  5. Fixes a couple of texture clamping issues.
  6. Fixes failure of S20 and S35 to fall in Doom E1M5 when monsters were enabled.
  7. Analyser changes to fix problems recently introduced;
       a) Lines in AV map19 S188.
       b) Cchest2 map05 S159.
       c) Slopes in Chiller Castle's graveyard.
  8. Bullet puff errors fixed;
       a) jumping to top of a wall.
       b) failure to be drawn with some 3D lines.
       c) bullet puff on 3D floors improved plus ricochet added.
       d) Ricochets now only spawned with pistol and chaingun.
  9. Blood splat errors fixed.
  10. Doom finale changes;
       a) text can now be shortcut with the use key (in line with the Doom2 finale).
       b) Black lines with Doom patches on mapxx backgrounds removed (i.e. if running in 'basic Doom mode' or where not using hi-res patches).
  11. Fixes simple shadows.

RELEASE v2.2.07 - update July 2010

NOTE: some changes have been made to verify nodes builds which will mean previous savegames may be rejected.
           files will be rebuilt. Some nodes builds and all analysis files will be rebuilt.

In the Launcher, under options, are two buttons marked 'Delete all previous built nodes' and 'Delete all saved games'.
If updating these can be used to clear out nodes and savegames made with v220-6. If keeping savegames then also
note that some errors that have been fixed may still re-appear with a previous savegame.

Changes over v220-6 ...

  1. A code review found three logical errors that have now been fixed that could have caused an access violation,
    because this was highly unlikely to occur in practice these errors were never invoked.
  2. A bug that would have caused a crash with a single subsector map has been dealt with (highly unlikely to happen in practice).
  3. An analysis error introduced in v220-6 had not been found during testing. An example was found after release with
    Cchest3 map31 that prevented being able to run it.
  4. Although texture offsets were saved they were not being applied with scrollers. This previously meant that textures used with
    scrollers would not be correctly positioned following loading a savegame.
  5. There could have been a save game issue caused following a map being edited. Savegames are now rejected if their time stamp
    precedes the map's. In order to fix this, together with other changes, previous savegames may not be compatible with v220-7.
  6. Fixed problem where a wad with a DD_DEFN lump with modified text strings would cause a crash if also loading a
    DEHACKED lump with string modifiers.
  7. Further errors with dehacked strings have been addressed.
  8. Pass-thru trigger error fixed. E.g Eternal III map28 L4764 and L4768 could previously be activated without the necessary keys.
  9. A change has been made to differentiate gun trigger lines between standard doom and R3D scripted maps.
    See NOTE at the end of R3D_ModelScript.txt for an explanation of the change made.
  10. An error which has gone unspotted since v220-3 adversely affected Doom2 Map05 Sector 107.
  11.  The analysis code has been partly revised. Examples of maps which have benefited are as follows ...
         - Herian2 map29 - elevated walkway.
         - Roger Ritenour's Phobos map04 sector 179 and 180
         - Three rendering issues in Icarus.wad map01; S322,S344 ; S154,S156,S158 ; skywall issue.
         - ballsr3d.wad - skywall not being drawn at end.
         - mapgame.wad map01 sector 7 and 57
         - substituting unwanted missing textures with certain line types (e.g. lines in sector 361 etc. in PL2.wad map12)
         - Dripfeed.wad map01 sector 295 and sector 456.
         - COD map06 sector 124.
         - Beluga.wad map01 sectors 168, 169 and 739.
         - Blocking error with L4242 in AV map11, trigger problem in AV map15, blocking error in AV map23 and rendering error in
           AV map27 sector 690.
         - Requiem map06 sector 130.
         - Rendering issue and logical door issue in talosl.wad map03.
         - An exit line to secret sector if crossed in map32 where no map33 exists restarts map32 to emulate Doom2 behaviour. This
            is extremely rare and the only known example is in talosl.wad map32.
         - Strain10 map07 exit gate error introduced in v220-6.
         - Elysion sliding door rendering glitch when open.
         - Espi's SiD.wad can now be run with Risen3D with all doom2 rendering tricks now fully supported.
  12. Map errors detected and fixed (these are reported to Risen3D.out and the console as an aid to map authors). Examples are as follows ...
        - Line 5126 in Cchest2 map06 is a gun triggered line that could not be activated because it should be tagged. R3D fixes this by assigning
         a new tag at load time.
        - hc20.wad map03 sector 192. Line specials of 114 are invalid with a MBF specific port (they may be valid in ZDoom) and R3D fixes this
          by changing them to type 117.

RELEASE v2.2.06 - update April 2010

Note: A more detailed description of the v2.2.06 changes can be found in the Risen3D_readme.txt.

  1. It was found that the tc_door error had not been fixed as claimed for v220-5. This prevented save games, created whilst a
    door was still active, from reloading.
  2. The launcher itself has been rewritten to allow ease of use even for those with no previous experience of running Doom.
    As part of this process nodes are now built on a per map basis to remove any necessity for the launcher or the user to have
    to intervene. Note that if any build takes longer than one second then it will be stored to allow faster launching when next run.
  3. If a CRT monitor's frequency is set higher than what is registered, the highest registered frequency will be initially used instead.
  4. The berserk pack has reverted back to lasting for the entire level, the "red-mist" effect now fades out as before.
  5. Risen3D no longer returns an error message if starting a new installation without model packs installed.
  6. If using Risen3D in 'edit mode' then any offset changes will be stored directly to the pwad if possible (See R3D_TexOffsetEdit.txt).
  7. The 'corpse fade' internal command has been removed, the values for this option are now exclusively set from within the launcher or
    alternatively can be set using a command line switch. (See R3D_Cmdline.txt).
  8. Usual analysis tweaks plus some other esoteric fixes.

The 'Quick Launch' launcher is no longer compatible with v2.2.06 due to the new node building changes, however the standard launcher
has been modified to work in much the same way by default.

RELEASE v2.2.05 - update Dec 2009

MBF and texture support ...

  1. Vertically scrolling sky support added. E.g. as used in map05 and map06 of hg.wad (Hell Ground) newly released, at the time of writing, by Deadall.
  2. Skies are now drawn flipped left right where required.
  3. True scaling used for rendering png sky textures. This means three scaling types are used; true (for pngs), adjusted for Doom textures or stretched
    which is applied automatically with sky textures sized 240h x 512w or 256h x 1024w. In line with this, support for the -sky240 switch has been
    removed along with the stretch sky option in the Control Panel.
  4. Skycap support added for png sky textures.
  5. Hi-res textures stored in a pwad between HI_START and HI_END markers are now recognised.
  6. Support added for the TRANSLUCENT bit mnemonic used in DEHACKED.
  7. Checks added to allow textures to be loaded even where they fail to meet the doom specs. This has had to be added as ZDoom allows this. In order
    that a map author knows a mistake has been made non-compliant wad entries are printed to Risen3D.out

Changes in general ...

  1. The chainsaw now swings smoothly when the player is running.
  2. Missiles in flight are now drawn smoothly.
  3. Things are now rendered smoothly on scrolling floors. A good example is with PAR-LUTZ E1M4.
  4. Things on moving sloped plats are now z-smoothed.
  5. If a custom interpic is present then this is used in place of the titlepic when displaying end stats.
  6. If finishing a custom Doom2/Plutonia/TNT pwad then the cast list is run. If a MAPINFO script exists then it is only run if the EndGameC command is present.
    An EndGame command just causes the end stats to be drawn.
  7. Background flats in bex dehacked files are now applied.
  8. R3D stats are now only used with scripted maps. A pwad will still terminate on its end map, however. If the user wants to progress to the next iwad map
    then -c_nextmap should be added to the Launcher's Global Custom Options.
  9. DEHACKED scripts authored using wordpad which adds an 0xd 0xa line feed sequence as opposed to notepad's 0xa sequence now supported.
  10.  Intensity of player pickup and damage flash can now be separately adjusted by the user to their own preference (CONTROL PANEL/LIGHTING)
  11. The automap can now be zoomed out one further level. The keys used for options (displayed by pressing h when the automap is active) have been changed so
    as to not grab map move keys in the range a,c,d,s,w,x used by keyboard players.
  12. FPS ON-OFF setting now saved in line with other control panel options. (CONTROL PANEL/VIDEO)
  13. The degree of doppler shift can be reduced with 3D sounds using the command audio-doppler n where n is a floating point number between 0 (no shift)
    and 1 (default shift). The value is stored.
  14. Sounds flagged to indicate that a random frequency shift should be applied can be overridden using the command audio-pitch n where n = 0 (no shift)
    or 1 (use shift). The state is stored.
  15. Model cacheing now includes death phase to prevent stalling when killing a Thing.
  16. Specific alpha animated textures used in TNT now precached to prevent stalling when using hi-res textures.
  17. Berzerk red filter now flashes just before power runs out.
  18. Missiles now fly between sky sectors with differently adjusted sky heights without being blocked. Sky sectors are often authored as inverted steps to limit a
    floating Thing's upper movement. To the viewer, however, it looks as if the sky is of uniform height and that floating monsters are 'suspended'. Missiles were
    removed, previously, when hitting the sky ceiling they were in although, in the case mentioned, it looked as if they were lower than the visible ceiling. They will
    now pass through the low ceiling if heading towards an adjacent sector with a higher ceiling.
  19. Support for stairs build where an untagged trigger line is used backing the first tagged step has been added.
  20. Move code revised to prevent Things getting stuck in other Things when rising or falling.
  21. Things killed now do not slide along lines.
  22. It is now possible for the player to climb out of water onto a Thing. Previously only walls would cause auto swim up when pressing against them.
  23. Model flames near to walls are now rendered upright to prevent clipping.
  24. Certain texture types are now clamped to their edge to improve appearance when rendered.
  25. The candelabra and arms outstretched models (both the blocking and non-blocking types) are now auto-aligned if next to a line so they are not partly buried in a
    wall. This was done because a corresponding sprite for these types, which is rendered like a cardboard cut-out, is always turned to face the player making their
    starting angle in the map redundant. A model, however, does not rotate to face the viewer so its starting angle is important.
  26. Where a monitor has a ratio of greater than 4:3 or one of 5:4 and where the maximum resolution is being used then an option to switch to 4:3 has been added.
    If applied the image is centered and borders are drawn black, (left-right with a widescreen monitor or top-bottom with a 5:4 monitor).
    When setting a 4:3 aspect ratio with a widescreen monitor the FOV is automatically adjusted. As such less will be seen to the left and right as one would expect.
  27. In general the FOV is automatically adjusted to the monitor in use. To understand this imagine a monitor where you could adjust the sides. As they are pulled
    apart or pushed together the image aspect ratio would not appear to be changed, only what can be seen left to right. Thus if changing to a widescreen monitor
    then more would be seen to the left and right with the same FOV setting rather than the image being expanded to fit.
    NOTE: it may be better to set the default to 90 degrees with a wide screen monitor (CONTROL PANEL/VIDEO). Any change to this setting is saved.
  28. Doom sound files that have had their length truncated by poor conversion tools are now handled.
  29. Some users have reported a small mouse lag when VSync is enabled which can be fixed by turning VSync off. It is normally best to enable VSync as it prevents
    vertical tearing (by synching the monitor with the frame buffer) and, most importantly helps prevent the CPU and  GPU  from being driven hard. To help strike a
    balance Risen3D v220-5 now caps the frame rate at around 200fps if VSync is turned off.

New scripted map features ...

  1. Added water modulation. See the SETWATERVARS keyword in SCP_DEFN_Header.txt which has been extended to take further parameters.
    An example can be seen in the SITTERS MODELS map revised for use with v220-5.
    Updated versions of Genetic Disaster, Doomdragon, CruelDeath and Hell on Egypt are also available using this feature from our website.
  2. Things can be made to rotate in the vertical plane using a new script keyword ROTATEM. Full x, y, z rotation was not added because  dynamic lighting requires a
    good deal of calculation to be done for each frame outside of the GPU. If it wasn't for this then supporting rotation in any axis in any combination would have been
    trivial. Examples have been put in an updated version of Genetic Disaster (available from our website).
    Note that because this is not set in the model def that where using different rotations for the same model only one original model is required, not one for each type
    of rotation. The model's standard orientation still applies as set in a map editor.
  3. Dummy floors covering sunken sectors can be set using the new DUMMYHIGHFLOORSEC keyword. This also works when the sector references a fake sector.

Bug fixes ...

  1. Several bugs that could cause v220-4 to exit with an error message have been tracked down and squashed. One related to savegames. If a savegame made
    with  v220-4 is loaded with v220-5 and Risen3D exits with the message; Incompatible savegame tc_door: bad line number then this meant that previously the
    savegame  could have crashed the engine.
  2. Fixed fault that prevented the yellow skull key from teleporting in Sinedie map01.
  3. Fixed anomaly that could cause the boss brain to take too much damage with exploding barrels.
  4. Fixed fault that allowed unlinked Things to move.
  5. Things on moving sloped plats are now z-smoothed.
  6. Sloped hi wall textures, where the line is split by a gl node, are now aligned correctly.
  7. Fixed fault that prevented DEHACKED strings from being set in some instances.
  8. Fixed problem where rendered sizes were unchanged following changing the screen size when not running the game.
  9. Fixed error with General stair build when the ignore texture change flag was set. Somewhat bizarrely this only happened when 'Basic Doom' mode was
    unchecked in the Launcher.
  10. Fixed bug that prevented a red flash showing when the player's hit.
  11. Fixed bug that prevented multi-sector phased lighting from working.
  12. Boss cube bug fixed that prevented cubes being spawned in some cases.
  13. Boss cubes now travel directly in 3D from the source to the destination.
  14. Fixed an rendering error that could prevent a texture being rendered under certain (rare) circumstances.
  15. Fixed a rare rendering error that could cause a lower texture to bleed into a mid texture should the side have a lower texture set that was not needed.
  16. Some analysis anomalies have been fixed and the analysis functionality has been extended.
  17. Task switching in window mode (using ALT-TAB or ALT-ESC) now works reliably.
  18. Splash now works with an elevated trick water floor based on missing lower side textures.
  19. Problem with floating monsters getting stuck in walls fixed.
  20. Discovered that the random number generation was not working which, most notably amongst other things, meant that an enemy always turned in the
    same direction when alerted.
  21. Errant behaviour of pickups that span sectors other than those they are in has been fixed. The rule is that where a pickup is spawned and has not been
    moved that it will stay 'glued' to it's starting sector.
  22. Corpses now drop off ledges rather than sliding along the edge or just staying suspended in mid air.
  23. Enemy missiles are now aimed at the player's face and the problem where an elevated CyberDemon's missiles pass over the player's head has been fixed.
  24. 3D blocking fences height has been extended to prevent Things on 3D steps from being able to step up onto an adjacent lower line.
  25. When the player closed a door that had not timed out the door open sound rather than the door close sound was played.
  26. If a plat used the sfx_stnmov sound but was later retriggered as a type that did not use this sound the sound was still played.
  27. The torch count was not being cleared when a map was loaded which could eventually lead to torch dyn-light being disabled when progressing through maps.
  28. Sector specials 10 and 14 were being drawn only in their starting positions.
  29. One frame delay before Things being drawn when starting a new map has been fixed.
  30. Bugs that coud cause v220-4 to exit with an error message have been tracked down and squashed.
  31. Problem that could cause a Thing to be resurrected by an Archvile inside of it or another Thing nearby has been fixed.
  32. The teleport landing check code has been revised as this could fail in certain cases.
  33. The light level code has been revised as the floor flat lighting was being used with actors instead of the sector lighting.

Other issues ...

The Perkristian hires sound pack no longer requires the global command line ( -data pk_doom_sfx.wad ) if using the R3Dlauncher as a launcher option has been added.

This mod can now be downloaded directly from the Risen3D website and will install to the correct location -



V1.0.5 (Revision 01) first released - Oct 14 2003
V1.5.17 (Numbering scheme changed) - Nov 15 2003
V1.6.00 (Revision 00) first released - May 21 2004
V1.7.00 (Revision 00) first released - Aug 2005
V1.8.01 (Revision 00) first released - Dec 2005
V2.0.00 (Revision 00) first released - Feb 2006
V2.1.00 (build 60) first released - Jun 2006
V2.1.00 (build 62) first released - Oct 2006

V2.2.00 - Pre-release test version 20/May/2008
V220 represents 18 months work and the number of changes that have been made over V2.1.00 are too great to list.

Suffice it to say that v220 now has more comprehensive map analysis, extended scripting support and better sound.
It has also been judged to be extremely stable by testers over many months of testing during development and as a result
it has been moved out of beta status.

V2.2.01 - Official release 14/Jun/2008

Changes over V2.2.00 in order of importance ...

  1. Music volume adjustment fixed for Vista
  2. Bug with replacement pwad textures not having a hi-res substitution suppressed fixed.
  3. Fix for thing getting stuck in wall adjoining slope.
  4. Now works with the nVidia driver 'threaded optimisation' whether set to Auto, OFF or ON. This means this setting does not now need to be changed.
  5. Some analyser tweaks.
  6. 'Banding' with older graphics cards (e.g. GeForce4) fixed.
  7. MBF scroll carry bug fixed. The old method can still be  invoked by putting -c_carryfix_off on the global command line.

V2.2.02 - Update 17/Jun/2008

Changes over V2.2.01 in order of importance ...

  1. Scroll carry mod did not work as required in some instances.
  2. Stepping up into a hanging sprite could trap the player in rare circumstances. Now fixed.
  3. A barrel blocking another barrel being teleported will now be stomped whether a boss exists or not.
  4. Spawned ceiling height in fake sector changed to owner.

V2.2.03 - Update 08/Dec/2008

Changes over v2.2.02 ...

  1. Wide screen monitor support has been added. As part of the changes the windows resolution list is now used to give a list of options for the user to select.
    As such when first run the default will use the user's current desktop settings. This can be changed by going into desktop settings.
    This can be changed by going into the Risen3D Control Panel and selecting the Video tab. To get a CUSTOM window setting then first set a windowed
    mode and then ALT-TAB out. The window can now be moved or the borders dragged to set a preferred custom window. These changes will then be seen
    under the CUSTOM option allowing it to be set as the default.
  2. Field of View (FOV) As part of the changes in 1) the FOV is now automatically set depending on the width height ratio selected for a a window mode or
    depending on the user's monitor resolution when setting a fullscreen mode. The default seed FOV is 95 degrees but this can be changed if required (select
    Control Panel Video). The actual FOV is then calculated from the seed FOV depending on the type of screen set.
  3. Setting gamma, brightness and contrast are now all done using the graphic card's functions. This means the old method of setting gamma has been scrapped
    and it is now not necessary to wait for textures to be reloaded when changing gamma. The F11 key will now take the user directly to the Control Panel Video
    options. Note to get the best image then the contrast, gamma and brightness should be left at the default values. If using a CRT monitor then directly
    changing the monitor settings is the best course of action. The settings available in Risen3D should only be changed from their optimum values as a last resort.
  4. False water floors in faked sectors can be rendered translucent. Introduced for scripted maps it will also work with the majority of standard maps. As such it can
    be optioned in Control Panel for use with standard maps including setting the preferred degree of translucency.
  5. Outside fog. Risen3D has been able to render fog over the entire map for some time but has not supported fog where it is only to be rendered in sky sectors.
    Examples are Herian2 maps 07 and 19. The need for outside fog rendering is set as a MAPINFO option. In addition any map can have outside fog enabled by
    using the console command when running a map - fog set outside. This is also useful in judging whether fog will work sensibly with certain map constructions
    if wanting to design a map using outside fog.
  6. Support for sky boxes has been added.
  7. Falling damage for the player has been included. To set/unset use ESC/OPTIONS/GAMEPLAY.
  8. Underwater damage has been included. To enable you must be in model mode and water dynamics must be ON. In this state underwater damage is always active.
  9. Order of line rendering with masked or translucent types has been improved.
  10. Support for halos has been removed. This was done only after a good deal of soul searching. The reason was down to the amount of processing required to
    determine whether a halo should be occluded or not. This was just too great to justify the overhead. Although it could be tolerated in simple maps, with complex
    maps the overhead could easily reduce the frame rate by up to 40%.
  11. In v220-2 a doom bug that caused the extra punch power gained after picking up a berserk pack was never reset. Some pwads, however, relied on this bug.
    For this reason the bug can be re-enabled in ESC/OPTIONS/GAMEPLAY.
  12. Various bugs have been fixed.

V2.2.04 - Update 06/Jul/2009

Changes over v2.2.03 ...

  1. Footstep sounds added. This can be enabled/disabled from the console (F4 brings up the Audio console page).
  2. Blood now rendered on 3D floors and slopes.
  3. Scrolling floors/ceilings/walls now smoothed.
  4. TGA sky texture sets can be used (See help\skytga.txt)
  5. Rocket smoke now aligned if trajectory is tilted.
  6. Cyberdemon rockets fired at the correct height.
  7. Berzerk pack now fades whilst in use rather than being at a constant level.
  8. Falling damage, underwater damage and berzerk bug now all optioned from OPTIONS-GAMEPLAY
  9. Water resistance added when wading through shallow water.
  10. Walkover generalised crushing ceilings are now supported. These (for reasons unknown) are not supported in the MBF code.
  11. Attack lighting revised and support for litskins added. Litskins are offset by 4 from the skin index for the current frame. The state is identified where a litskin
    shift is required by setting the flag st_litskin in the ded. E.g. Flags = "st_litskin". Note this applies only to models - the flag is ignored with sprites.
  12. Pickup flash suppressed when underwater.
  13. The true type Arial font is now used to print messages dis- played by scripted maps to the centre of the screen to ensure quality and correct sizing for any
    window dimension used.
  14. Analysis changes. Helps, for example, with pwads; nightomb.wad, ctrl-cen.wad, uac-op11
  15. Particle code optimisation.
  16. When in pause mode sprites, models and particles are now rendered.
  17. MAPINFO R3D specific keywords added (used with identifier R3Dtype) carrystatsover, newmapfog.
  18. Risen3D now halts if too many patches are missing and requests whether the user wants to continue.
  20. Sound code reworked. Sounds are now played at their true rate plus memory usage is improved through not resampling 11025Hz sound files up to 44100.
    This also means all options to do with rates and bits have been removed and no longer need to be set from the Launcher. Note that (very) old sound cards
    which cannot handle rates of 44100Hz are no longer supported.
  21. Control Panel has been revised to exclude options depending on whether they have relevance with the current options set.
  22. Scripted model maps now only run with models, trying to load sprites with an R3D scripted map will cause Risen3D to exit with an error message.
  23. A new 'give c' console cheat has been added which gives ammo, armour, weapons and backpack ammo amounts.
  24. 3D line teleportation has been further extended so that Actors that do not overlap vertically will now be teleported.
  25. Player deceleration slider added (range 0 to 10). A setting of 8 is more in keeping with modern games, giving the perception of far less input lag for users
    more used to playing with this type of response. The slider has a range of settings allowing the user to select behavior they find most acceptable.
    This slider can be found at the top of the Control Panel Input page (F4 or F11 goes direct to the Control Panel or use ESC/OPTIONS/CONTROL PANEL and
    then select the "Input" button).
    Note: standard Doom deceleration (the minimum slider setting) is set by default when first run. Any changed setting will be used when next starting Risen3D.

Bug Fixes in V2.2.04 ...

  1. Two spurious but rare problems have been tracked down that could lead to Risen3D aborting with an access violation error.
  2. In certain cases Things could not be killed using bullets if standing on a ledge above the player if the player was near to the ledge.
  3. Wall and floor particle and light textures not rendering correctly in combination.
  4. Sprite view align error.
  5. Water splashes with translucent water rendered at the wrong height.
  6. Particles not being seen when viewed through translucent water.
  7. Drawing of unwanted water walls in translucent water.
  8. Fly mode problem in fake sectors when in edit mode.
  9. Window resolution can now be changed when ALT-TAB'ing (and then dragging) from the titlepage, console, stats or menu.
  10. The FOV (Field Of View) should have changed when adjusting the base fov in Control Panel but previously the game had to be restarted for it to take effect.
  11. Script reader problem with 0xa 0xd line feed sequence.
  12. An Under/over teleport thing operational inconsistency.
  13. Incorrect floor speeds were being applied when using specials; 129, 130, 131, 132 raiseFloorTurbo and 36, 70, 71, 98 turboLower.
  14. A general ceiling special was not working correctly. This bug goes way back but had never been spotted as the special in question is rarely employed.
  15. Various issues with exit text etc. when a map ended. Note if not wanting the Risen3D end stats screen when playing a pwad put -c_noR3Dstats in the
    launcher's 'Global Custom Options' box. However this command is ignored with a scripted map.
  16. An OGL problem when using a map with skywalls and slopes and/or fog.
  17. Problems preventing the loading of plutonia2 (pl2.wad) and iostepis.wad.
  18. Movement code revised and extended. This fixes actors getting stuck in other actors or Things and prevents small, fast moving projectiles from passing
    through walls (e.g. in mapgame.wad).
  19. Invalid switch operation through blocking walls. An example was in Eternall map28 where switches behind glass panels could be operated before the panels
    were shot out.

Other issues ...

R3D now works with pk_doom_sfx.wad. To make it easy then copy it to Risen3D\Data and then place the following on the global command line ...

-data pk_doom_sfx.wad

This ensures it is loaded at the correct point to prevent custom sounds being replaced.