The aim of Risen3D is to allow MBF/BOOM maps to be run in the Doomsday environment. I started this project purely for my
own amusement but, with Jaakko Keranen's support, released it as Boomsday which, at that time, was hosted and linked from
the Doomsday site.

Basically, in the evolution of DOOM, there was the official path DOOM - DOOM2 - HERETIC - HEXEN, which is what Doomsday
deals with so admirably well, and the separate unofficial branch off to MBF/BOOM.

The MBF/BOOM extensions in their own right are a highly organised and logical extension to the original DOOM engine which
can be easily incorporated into any doom engine. For this reason all the major ports support them.

In order to support the rendering tricks, however, supporting these alone would not be sufficient; far from it in fact. To
deal with the tricks requires extensive modification to the rendering code.

Since, at the time, Jaakko Keranen had to deal with all four of the games mentioned we decided in 2003, following discussion, that two
separate engines would be required but that JK could not help with this leaving my having to continue development alone.

The divergence of Doomsday and Risen3D was not, therefore, intentional but was born out of the problems that would undoubtedly have
arisen had an attempt been made to unify what, at the time, were disparate and competing requirements.

As such Risen3D has been onwardly developed independently of Doomsday since 2004 and there has been no contact between the
two teams since the release of DD v1.7.8 which formed the final basis of Risen3D at the time.

Risen3D has both incorporated the MBF extensions and attempts to analyse maps, at load time, to make 'tricks' compatible with the
OGL code. In addition slopes, 3D lines and model scripting have been added all of which are proprietory to Risen3D and use code
developed independently of any other game or port. In addition every aspect of the original Doomsday code that remains has been
changed or modified to meet the demands made by rendering and through introducing slopes, translucent water and so on. This also
required a rewrite of the particle code. Furthermore the sound code has been reworked to either extend the support of 3D sound or
just to improve it generally.

It should be understood, however, that I acknowledge the key ideas that Doomsday v1.7.8 incorporated such as model and particle
support and that Risen3D would never have come into existence were it not for all the great work that Jaakko Keranen had already
undertaken to the time of releasing Doomsday v1.7.8.

At the current time is understood that the Doomsday team has been in the process of incorporating MBF support for the last few years
into Doomsday. This has nothing to do with Risen3D and, given that Risen3D has now been under development independently for the
past 6 years, it should be viewed as a separate port in its own right.

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