Model packs for Risen3D V2.2.34

The official Risen3D packs are condensed into just two packs ...

 Risen3D models pack 1  - complete set of standard models and hudweapons..

 Risen3D models pack 2  - complete set of Sitters and Abbs enhanced models.

Models pack 1 is still mandatory and must be installed if you intend using any other pack.

 Abbspack V7 hudweapons - alternative weapons pack.

 Chiv's alternative soldiers - alternative soldier pack.

Model pack cleanup tool

This tool provides the best method of removing any redundant or corrupted model packs.

You can use the model pack cleanup tool to remove all previous instances of he model
 packs, this ensures the safe removal of all related files.

CAUTION:   If you have customised any components of the official Risen3D
                  model packs then backup your work - otherwise it will be lost.

The above illustration outlines the procedure for removal of all the model packs currently
supported on the Risen3D website.