Risen3D  v2.2.35 and Abbspack v10 soon to be released August  2020

Current Risen3D Download

First time users should make sure they read the  Risen3D installation guide

Abbspack v10 will soon be released along side Risen3D v2.2.35. Abbspack v10 is a total
remake of the original Abbspack weapons mods. As well as the classic Doom weapons
the alternative weapons mod adds new weapon types such as the AK47, 44 Magnum,
Winchester 30-30, Mac10 Ingram machine pistols, Super-Shorty pump, FN Herstal auto,
Buzzsaw and Knife. There is also a new Risen3D map to be released later in the year.


Risen3D model improvements and new features - Screenshots