RISEN3D  or Doomsday are no different to any other game engine when system requirements are not met. Like other games, if your hardware is the limiting factor then you have to adjust the game settings to obtain satisfactory performance - this also holds true for Risen3D.

Commercial games have one decisive advantage over any Doom port, they can control the map environment to avoid over stressing the engine. Limiting lighting, particle generation and enemy interaction to achieve the impression of smooth and consistent game play. Modern Doom ports, unfortunately, don't have this luxury.


1) MAP DESIGN - and this is not any fault of the authors as many of the classic maps were never intended to use lighting and particle effects, least of all MD2 models. There are certain maps that will bring the fastest machines to their knees if certain port enhancements are not switched off. Several maps in P.A.R. are a good example, these are beautifully constructed maps but were definitely not designed with dynamic lighting or MD2 models in mind. Learn how to identify demanding maps and adjust the port enhancements to suit.

If you intend using all the port enhancements then keep this in mind, wide open areas crammed with fireball throwing monsters and excessive lighting sources make for a good torture test of your hardware.

2) DYNAMIC LIGHTING - probably the single quickest way to bring any games engine to a screaming halt when excessive lighting sources are used, particularly in large open areas. Dynamic lighting was never a consideration with most map authors so be prepared to switch lighting effects off when the need arises.

3) PARTICLE EFFECTS - although they may look spectacular they require video cards with good fill rates, MX cards are not a good choice. Only use particle effects if you have a video card that is capable of playing the latest games.

4) AVAILABLE MEMORY - If using MD2 models and high resolution textures make sure you have adequate free memory. Otherwise, your textures will be living on you HD during game play ....... enough said :).

As a rule of thumb - you will need at least 128 MB of free memory if using MD2 models and high resolution textures.


- Running Risen3D in 'Window mode' at lower resolutions can boost performance in demanding maps.

- Turn off messages, text messages aren't cached and can cause pausing when first retrieved.

- If using a sound blaster card - set the midi device to one of the SW Synths for smoother game play.

- Make sure you have Vertical Sync enabled this will guarantee you smoother game play without screen tearing.


As a modern port, Risen3D's ( Doomsday ) enhancements look great when used with suitable maps providing your system requirements allow smooth game play.

The contributions over the years by many map authors have left a treasure trove of pwads at the Doomer's disposal. Many of these classics should also be played as the authors intended without any enhancements.

Risen3D has a ' basic doom mode ' option in the launcher, give it a try and you will be in for the ride of your life. Super slick OpenGL graphics without ugly rendering errors even in the most demanding maps.