For Post XP users ....

If your sound card ( or onboard sound chip ) utilises DirectSound's 3D hardware acceleration, you may experience sound problems
in certain games as the audio stack has been completely rewritten in post XP. The DS audio hardware layer has been removed and
replaced with a software mixer producing less that favourable results.

Risen3D is effected because it uses DirectSound3D and EAX which is no longer supported after Win XP

Now for the good news, providing you have either a Creative X-FI or Audigy sound card, Creative now provide a work around called
ALchemy, basically it converts DS functions into OpenAL, restoring 3D sound effects and reverb to any specified DirectSound3D
game. If you don't have one of these sound cards then 2D sound will still be available but without reverb effects.

If you have either a Creative X-FI or Audigy sound card - download ALchemy from Creative's website then install the program.

You then need to manually add Risen3D to ALchemy-enabled Games as illustrated below, ALchemy will then install two files
( dsound.dll, dsound.ini ) into your Risen3D\Bin folder -  the illustration below assumes you have Risen3D installed in D:\Risen3D.



 Make sure the 3DSound option is enabled in the launcher for the above to work.

 You need to download the correct Alchemy software for your particular Windows platform from the Creative site.