Prior Requirements

IMPORTANT: Risen3D is a Doom port only, you still require at least one of the iwads contained in any commercial version
                    of either Doom, Doom2 or Final Doom before Risen3D will run maps in non commercial wads.

The commercial iwads are as follows ....

If you do not have one of the above they are available for a nominal charge from  idsoftware.com or Steam

Alternatively you can install the shareware version free of charge, this is limited to the first nine maps of the original Doom release
and no non commercial wads can be used in conjunction with this, however it does allow for the opportunity to test drive Risen3D.

The shareware iwad is as follows ....

Read the launcher documentation for where the above iwad(s) should be located for compliancy, if in any doubt just locate them in
the folder you installed Risen3D. Using a compliant iwad location simply means the launcher can automatically detect the location.

If Risen3D indicates your iwad is not the current version it will require one of the patches to bring it up to version 1.9.

Basic Options

For a basic Risen3D installation you only require the binaries and launcher contained in either of the following ...

The zipped version unzips to a folder appropriately named Risen3D, so if you wish to install Risen3D to C:\Risen3D just unzip to C:\

IMPORTANT: If creating a link or desktop icon for the launcher then the 'Start in' path must be included in the shortcut properties.
Eg; If
'C:\Risen3D' is where you installed Risen3D then 'C:\Risen3D\Bin' is the 'Start in' path, being the location of the R3Dlauncher.exe.

After installation you can use the port with the original sprites in one of two ways ...

If you wish to replace the original sprites with 3D models you will require the Risen3D standard model packs.

Model packs

IMPORTANT: It is a requirement that the Risen3D models pack 1 is installed if any other model pack is to be used.

Note: savegames are not compatible if swapping between either the Abbspack mods or the standard hudweapons.
         Abbspack is a mod and as such uses either altered or additional Doom states.

Sitters and Abbs enhanced models ( including Chiv's soldier  pack ) require adequate hardware to run without performance loss,
keep in mind this is also very map dependant as what runs OK in one map may not necessarily run so well in another.
If your system has insufficient hardware requirements, use these packs at your own discretion. The reason the standard models
have been retained is so users with lower end systems have a fighting chance of running models at acceptable frames rates.

Swapping between the various model packs is possible without compromising savegame integrity, the exception being Abbspack.
This can allow users to better gauge performance and make the necessary adjustments to offset any tough map demands.

High resolution textures

These packs enhance the world graphics by replacing the standard Doom textures with improved hires equivalents.

Note: If your graphic's card has less than 128MB onboard memory then it's advisable not to use hires textures.

High resolution patches

These packs vastly improve Risen3D's user interface by replacing the standard  titlepics, menu, HUD and intermission graphics.

Note: If your graphic's card has less than 128MB onboard memory then it's advisable not to use hires patches.

Skybox packs

These packs provide Doom with 3D sky replacements.

Note: If your graphic's card has less than 128MB onboard memory then it's advisable not to use skyboxes.